A l’heure où les dieux dorment encore

Some news regarding ‘A l’heure où les dieux dorment encore’, published by Daniel Maghen. Publication is postponed a little, to 4 november 2021.

Galerie Daniel Maghen announces a Cosey exposition in his Galerie in Paris, from 17 november till 11 december 2021. Address: 36, Rue du Louvre in Paris.

Cosey will have a few signing sessions – please check on the site of Daniel Maghen or on the site of Payot for correct times and possible last minutes changes:

  • 3 november, 18.00: FNAC Forum des Halles in Paris
  • 13 november: Librairie Payot Lausanne (different times are announced on the site of Maghen and Payot, so check it before you go)
  • 20 november 15.30 – 17.00: Librairie Payot Genève