André-Paul Duchâteau 1925-2020

Last week, belgian comics icon André-Paul Duchâteau passed away at the the age of 95.

Duchâteau was most known for his scenarios for Ric Hochet (drawn by Tibet), but he wrote scenarios for many, many more comics. He worked with artists like Grzegorz Rosinski, Christian Denayer, William Vance and many others – with some he worked on long running series, for others he made a few loose stories. He also was chief editor of Journal Tintin (from 1976 onwards).

In the very beginning of Cosey’s career, in 1971, André-Paul Duchâteau wrote three scenarios for him. They were stories for ‘Monfreyd & Tilbury’, three stories of only 8 pages, that were published in the belgian newspaper ‘Le Soir’. Some of these stories were later included in ‘Super Tintin’ collections.

André-Paul Duchâteau was one of these last surviving comic giants who laid the foundations of the vivid belgian (and french) comics culture in the late 1940/1950s.