Casemate 151

Casemate no 151 (november 2021) has a six page interview with Cosey, richly illustrated with images from the new album.

What struck me when I leafed through the magazine (digitally) was the presence of Cosey throughout the issue. It surely is an event, the release of new books!

On opening the magazine, we immediately find this advertisement of LeLombard on page 2.

A few pages further on, this advertisement of Daniel Maghen. Further on, we find another advertisement featuring the Jonathan album – new subsribers to Casemate will receive the album as a welcome present.

And finally, there is the interview. The interview is two pages and I think the most interesting part is where Cosey explains that he has considered Jonathans death to conclude the series, but that he just couldn’t bring himself to do it: ‘He deserved better.’

After the interview, Casemate publishes four pages of ‘La Piste de Yéshe’, with notes by Cosey himself.

All ends with a hopeful remark for us admirers: ‘[I have] no concrete grand project in mind. I would like to allow myself, this one time, a sabbatical pause for a little while… But do not think that I will put away my brushes. Stop making comics is the last thing I dream about: I hope to draw right until my last day. To die on stage, like Molière, in a way…’.

Thanks to Jean-Christophe Defline