Colouring competition

  At this moment, you can visit a small exposition in Lausanne with the results of the colouring competition ‘Des couleurs pour Cosey’.


The jury: Boris Bruckler (Lausanne Library), Cuno Affolter (conservator – Centre BD de la Ville de Lausanne), Cosey and Sébastien Riond (painter).


Cosey presents the prize winners. Unfortunately, I have no picture yet of the first prize winner.


The overview of the expo. On the left, the drawings of the participants. On the right, the drawings of some professional artists, like Tom Tirabosco, Sébastien Riond and José Roosevelt.


And then this one… As a ‘reporter’ of ‘The World of Cosey’, I don’t like to make news about myself here. But I am proud to be in the Lausanne expo myself. This is the page that I coloured. It is exposed in the ‘professionals’ section of the exposition.

Thanks to Cuno Affolter & Oliver Petereit (photos) of the Centre BD de la Ville de Lausanne