Congratulations, Mr. Cosey: another Grand Prix…

Cosey has been awarded the Grand Prix 2018 of the ‘Fondation Vaudoise pour la Culture’. This foundation was created in 1987 to honor people from the cultural world in the swiss canton of the Vaud, who enrich the country with strong and innovative art. The prize brings an amount of 100.000 swiss francs (around 90.000 euros), meant to give winners the opportunity to work for a period without financial worries.

You can read the eulogy on the website of the Fondation: click here. It is a little too poetic for my translation skills… On the same page, you can also read a short biography and an overview of ‘distinctions’, or major prizes and award Cosey has received over the years (I would add at least the Prix Diagonal to it).

The beautiful photo going with the article on Fondation’s site , was made by Amélie Blanc et Noura Gauper.