Cosey raconte des histoires

Finally! Ralph Doumit has been working on his monography about Cosey for many years. Already announced for 2020 (under a different title) it will be published soon, by PLG Éditions. It will be part of the collection Mémoire Vive.

Ralph Doumit is an author, illustrator and teacher/researcher at the Académie Libanais des Beaux-Arts in Beyrouth (Libanon). He has written many articles and studies about comics and he has made lots of interviews with comics artists – you can read many of them on the blog ‘Les images qui racontent‘. He contibuted to ‘Cosey – Une quête de l’épure’, the catalogue of the Cosey exposition in Angoulême in 2018.

Years ago, I proofread one of the first chapters. I don’t know if this chapter made it to the new book, but if Ralph continued his work at the same level, we may expect an intelligent, expert view on Cosey’s work, in a highly readable style.

More information will follow…