In memory of Nick

I received a wonderful but sad story today.

As you probably know, the actress Maria Schneider stood model for the charachter of Evolena in ‘À la recherche de Peter Pan’.

Last Friday, Nicholas (Nick) George Minden died. Nick Minden was Cosey’s english teacher in Lausanne – and he was the model for the other main character in ‘Peter Pan’- Melvin Woodworth.

Nick Minden was born in noble rumanian family that had to flee the country when the iron curtain closed (remember: Melvin stemmed for a Serbian family). After his studies in England, Nick ended up in Lausanne, Switzerland. His love for rugby brought him and his friend Uli together; they became friends for life.

The day after his friend Nick died, Uli went to BDFIL in Lausanne, trying to find some kind of solace. By accident, he met Cosey there. Cosey signed a B&W edition of ‘À la recherche de Peter Pan’ in memory of Nick.

Uli sent me several pictures of his friend Nick, to compare with Cosey’s depiction of Melvin Woodworth. I will only show one of them, taken at the wedding of Uli’s brother in 1985, that is: just after Cosey finished ‘À la recherche de Peter Pan’.

Thanks to Alberto ‘Uli’ Marchi
My sincere condolences to family and friends of Nick Minden