Jonathan 17: La Piste de Yéshé

© Cosey, 2021

In november the 17th Jonathan album will appear, published by Le Lombard. The title will be ‘La Piste de Yéshé‘.

Yéshé is the Tibetan word for wisdom. It is also in use as a name, for both boys and girls, in Tibet and Bhutan. The image below is an image from the new album, where we see a monk who is going to show Jonathan a cell in a monastery; a cell that is comfortable enough to await the autumn (if you have ever met a real estate agent, you know what it means: a freezing cold cell).

© Cosey, 2021

Daniel Maghen

Also in november – if all goes well – a new art book will be published by Daniel Maghen, a successor to ‘Echo’. Title of this book will be ‘À l’heure où les dieux dorment encore‘ ( which translates as something like ‘At the hour when the gods still sleep’). At the gallery of Daniel Maghen in Paris, there will also be an exposition of works by Cosey, around the period of the book release.

© Cosey, 2021

In short, we Cosey-fans have a lot to look forward to! A few more months of patience…

Thanks to Cosey