Le Voyage en Italie – anniversary edition

In Angoulême, I discovered a special edition of ‘Le Voyage en Italie’.

‘Les Éditions Black and White’ had published a luxurious anniversary edition of the album, celebrating its 30th birthday. This publisher, based in Strassbourg, is a specialist in special, luxurious editions, and they have done a great job.

It is an album on a large format (30 x 40 cm), with the story printed in bichromie (two colours), blue and orange. It is not just a transposition of the original album in these two colours, but an entirely reworked and revised edition. It took a full nine months of hard work, supervised by Cosey. The result is a fascinating new look. I especially like the night scenes.

The album is signed, numbered (there are only 225 copies) and it includes a silk screen print.

You can find the publisher on Facebook.

Thanks to Bernard Matthey-Doret – Pictures are borrowed from the publisher’s Facebook-page