© Cosey/L’Illustré 2021

In the issue of 2 June 2021 of the swiss magazine L’Illustré, you can read a small interview with Cosey, illustrated with some watercolour sketches that will be published also in the art book that will be published by Daniel Maghen later this year (see my previous post).

In the interview, Cosey tells about the sketches he makes during travels: during the day, he makes pencil sketches to which he applies colours in the evening. He likes the way watercolours cannot be completely controlled, they have a life of their own. Cosey tells that for him, drawing on location is also a way to make contact with people.

What I liked in the interview (being a professional illustrator who loves to draw outside myself) is the different approach to making sketches on location and making drawings for his comics: spontaneous and playful versus more controlled and working towards an objective.

Thanks to Bernard Matthey-Doret