Névé – an exposition

In Charmey, you can visit an interesting exposition until 5 may. The exposition is a project by swiss artist David Brülhart. Brülhart is a graphic artist, part of his work is ‘narrative art’, among which a graphic novel ‘La Vie Sauvage’ (in cooperation with Tony O’Neill).

In 2016, he embarked on the ship ‘Knut’, to visit Spitsbergen, the famous island of the Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic Sea. With his sketches and notes from this expedition, he started the project ‘Névé’, with glaciers as his inspiration. The result is an exposition in Musée Charmey – an exposition of Brülharts work, of course, but also with works of several other artists – among whom we find Cosey.

The exposition is spread over several locations in Charmey.

In the Musée Charmey, you can works of Brülhart, Laure Gonthier, Lorna Bornand, Benoît Billotte, while you listen to a sound installation by Steve Fragnière. And… you will find sketchbooks and original pages made by Cosey.

In another location, the Galerie de l’Hôtel Cailler, you can see images of the salt chair of Brülhart (see the poster above), together with reproductions on a large format of drawings by Cosey.

From the expositions flyer, I clipped the images of various works. It looks like a very interesting exposition.

More information: click here.