Intégrale 5


To my surprise, Volume 5 of the Jonathan Intégrale will appear in november. It will contain only two stories: 13 (‘Songrong’) and 14 (‘Elle’). This is the cover.

Thanks to Thierry de Thibault

Lhahl statue: work in progress – part 2


A new stage in the development of the Lhahl statue. Her face has been changed, and a start has been made on her clothing. More pictures on the website of ‘Les sculpteurs de Bulles’.



André Geerts, creator of the lovely Jojo comic, died unexpectedely on 27 July 2010, aged only 54. In the 8 september issue of Spirou (Robbedoes), number 3778, many comic artists made a tribute to André Geerts. This is the one made by Cosey.

Thanks to Thierry de Thibault

Lhahl statue: work in progress – part 1


Here is one of the first photos of the Lhahl statue – work in progress. This first version was discussed by Cosey, Max Gillespie (the artist) and the president of ‘Les sculpteurs de Bulles’. The final statue should be more smooth, less realistic and detailed, more stylised, more Cosey.

And… she will have hair, I suppose!

Travel sketches in St. Maurice


Only today I found out about an interesting exposition of travel sketches in the Château de St. Maurice (Switzerland). The exposition is open till 1 november.

The title of the exposition is ‘Carnets de voyage’. Below, you see the Château and some images of Cosey-works (taken from the website of the Château).



Click here for the website of the Chateau de St. Maurice

Drawing in L’Hebdo


Last weekend, BDFil 2010 took place in Lausanne. On this occasion, the swiss magazine L’Hebdo issued a number that was completely illustrated by comic artists. The drawing below shows Cosey’s contribution. It illustrated a presentation of the book ‘Games of the Night’ (‘Les jeux de la Nuit’ in the french translation) by the american author Jim Harrison.

Thanks to Bernard Matthey-Doret

Lhahl statue: a new sketch…


Cosey made this new sketch for the Lhahl statue (the modern part), for which sculpting has started. Compare the new sketch with the original one below and you will probably find that the sitting position of Lhahl has become physically possible (or at least somewhat easier). Try for yourself!


Lhahl statue: the work has started

The sculptor Max Gillespie (Les Sculpteurs De Bulles) has started the preparatory work for the Lahl statue (see my earlier news below).

Gillespie and Cosey have decided that the statue will consits of two separate statues: the ‘traditional’ Lhahl and the ‘modern’ Lhahl. The owner of the statues can choose how to put the statues together: face to face, side by side or back to back (the original idea).

If all goes well, the statue will be available by the end of this year.

60 years ago…


… a baby Bernard was born in Lausanne. Some 20 – 25 years later, comic lovers would know him as Cosey. Happy birthday!

Intégrale 4


This is the cover of the 4th volume of the Jonathan Intégrale. Although two of the stories play in the USA (‘Oncle Howard est de retour’ and ‘Greyshore Island’), Cosey has chosen the Himalayan setting of ‘Celui qui mène…’.

This will be the last Intégrale… we have to wait for a 15th Jonathan album before a fifth Intégrale will appear.

You will find this 4th Intégrale in your bookshop in June.

Cosey and Derib about Hergé

As you might know, there is a law suit in Brussels against ‘Tintin au Congo’ – a Congolese man demands prohibition of the 1931 album by Hergé. In an article and a ‘infocast’ on ’24 Heures’ (the Lausanne based newspaper), Derib and Cosey talk about this law suit.

This photo goes with the article: reunion of two old friends in Derib’s atelier.

Click here for the article

Last check: april 2016 – the link doesn’t work anymore.

Jonathan Intégrale Volume 4

The fourth volume of the Jonathan Intégrale is announced for June 2010. This volume will contain the stories ‘Oncle Howard est de retour’, ‘Greyshore Island’ and ‘Celui qui mène les fleuves à la mer’.

Les Guetteurs du passé


Cosey made the book cover for ‘Les Guetteurs du passé’, a novel by Yves Blanc. The book is about a historian who, in a future era, will investigate our present. On the back of the book is another drawing by Cosey – a portrait of the book’s author.

Yves Blanc is the driving force behind many musical initiatives. Among others the radio show and cd collection ‘La Planète Bleue’. Cosey made cover and booklet illustrations for the Volume 3 cd of this collection in 2005. As you see, some elements of this cover were retaken in the book cover.