Video Cosey on France24

Only today I discovered this video, made in February 2008. It is a nice little portrait.

2009_06_08a 2009_06_08b

2009_06_08c 2009_06_08d

Cosey talks (among other things) about the Jonathan character and his way of working (he shows some photgraphs made in Birma).

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New on ‘The World of Cosey’: NEWS!!

For some years I have collected all kinds of Cosey news: interviews, reviews, announcements by Lombard or Dupuis (or other publishers).

I took quotes from them for my Books section or for my Dossiers, and publications with new art work were collected in ‘Other Works’.

But from today, I will share them as soon as I can on a this NEWS page! I hope you will contribute to it, especially my Swiss readers – because from Holland Cosey works are easily missed.

To make a good start, I have listed some of the best interviews on the web on this page. Some of them are video, one dates from 1999. As you will probably know, sometimes information is lost on the web – I apologise for any of the links that don’t work (please let me know). This NEWS page really starts from 2009 – with three interesting publications already. I hope to add new information soon.

Roger Klaassen

Spirou 3704


An interview with Cosey, and a one page strip appeared in Spirou 3704.

Thanks to Dinu Logoz

Cosey Cheese?

In Bruno Marchand’s ‘Quelques pas vers la lumière, part 2: Le voyage improbable’, we see a small truck passing in the background (the scene is set in Lausanne). When we look a bit closer, we read ‘Fromages Cosey & Co’.

2009_04_qq_pas_image 2009_qq_pas_detail

From ‘Jonathan 9: Le Privilège du Serpent’ we already knew Cosey had some cheese makers expertise – we now know it is a real business!

Thanks to Dinu Logoz

Cosey the ‘Manga-artist’

In the magazine of ‘Bonviva’ (a magazine of the Swiss banking firm Crédit Suisse) Cosey is presented as a ‘Manga-artist’… Anyhow, a new strip (two pages originally, I think, but cut and spread over three pages in the magazine) by Cosey talks a little about manga.


For all people interested: Cosey is giving two lectures (together with Swiss connaisseur Cuno Affolter): in Geneva on 18 June, in Widen on 24 June.

Of course, I would appreciate a ‘report’ by any of the visitors!

Thanks to Dinu Logoz

Interview ‘ELLE ou Dix Milles Lucioles’


A very nice interview by Thierry Lemaire (blogger of ‘Voyage au centre de la BD’) with Cosey, on Jonathan 14. A shortened interview appeared in the magazine ‘Zoo’. On his site, Thierry publishes the entire interview! Click here!

Thanks to Thierry Lemaire

Music in the Alps


Cosey made the poster for a musical festival in Les Diablerets.

Thanks to Bernard Matthey-Doret



A nice little interview on Coolture. Click here!

Last check: april 2016 – the link doesn’t work anymore.


A walk with Cosey


A walk in the Swiss Alps with Cosey; a little tourist information on the region around Les Diablerets on the site of ’24 Heures’.

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Last check: april 2016 – the links doesn’t work anymore.


15 minutes with Cosey


An interview for Swiss tv show ‘Racines’ (‘Roots’). Very interesting! The video shows Cosey at work; Cosey at home; Cosey meeting Derib, Cosey meeting François Mattille. Click here!