Rencontre au sommet

At the end of 2021, ‘Rencontre au sommet’ (‘Meeting at the summit’) was published by swiss publisher Splotch. In this book (a comic), Gilles-Emmanuel Fiaux tells the story about his fascination and admiration of the works of Cosey.

This story begins when Gilles-Emmanuel discovers Jonathan at the age of 13. Soon, he also discovers that Cosey lives at a walking distance from his grandparents home. The start of several attempts to meet Cosey and trying to get Cosey’s advice on Gilles-Emmanuel’s comics and drawings, etc. … a somewhat frustrating experience.

On one of the first pages, Fiaux gives his readers a warning that he will change drawing styles throughout the book. The comic is also a report of a journey of artistic discovery. From several posts on his website, I learned that Fiaux already worked on the album in 2013.

The album is a very personal piece of fan-art, and I think that many admirers of Cosey’s work will recognise the enthusiasm of Gilles-Emmanuel.

A very peculiar experience was that I read my own name in the album… in 2013, I participated in the exposition ‘Des couleurs pour Cosey‘, for which several professional artists coloured a page of ‘Celle qui fut’ (there was also a competition). Gilles-Emmanuel Fiaux was among them, and he shows an impression of the exposition, featuring my page next to his and others’.

You can order ‘Rencontre au Sommet’ by contacting Gilles-Emmanuel Fiaux directly: go to his website and send him a message via the contact page.