Jonathan 5: L’espace bleu entre les nuages


De blauwe verte tussen de wolken/Der blaue Raum zwischen den Wolken Last page: 1978; album 1980

One of the favourites

The fifth Jonathan album is one of Cosey’s favourites. Cosey’s favourite Jonathan albums:

  • Jonathan 1: Souviens-toi, Jonathan…
  • Jonathan 3: Pieds nus sous les rhododendrons
  • Jonathan 5: L’espace bleu entre les nuages
  • Jonathan 7: Kate

It seems it has something to do with the odd numbers…? And his least favourite albums:

  • Jonathan 6: Douniacha, il y a longtemps…
  • Jonathan 8: Le Privilège du Serpent
Real persons

For two of the principle characters in this album, Cosey has ‘used’ real persons. David Jones, the buyer from Christie’s is ‘played’ by his friend François Mattille, who has helped Cosey with some scenarios (especially for ‘A la recherche de Peter Pan’ and ‘Le voyage en Italie’). For the old colonel Westmacott, Cosey used the looks of … the father of François Mattille!

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Cover of a special, large edition of the album