Calypso (9) – My article

Still two days to go for the release of Calypso, but I proudly present my article on the album.

I have focused my article on two aspects of the album: Calypso as Cosey’s first album in black-and-white and the cooperation with François Matille.

I explore the black-and-white theme into some depth, based on old and new interviews. It is shown that Calypso is another step in the evolution of Cosey’s art towards greater simplicity and directness, an evolution that has been continuing for more than 40 years.

The initial idea for Calypso came from François Matille. Having found some statements about Matille’s help as a script doctor in a very old interview (1988!), I thought it was nice to remind us of these statements – with the hindsight we have now.

Click here to go to the article – enjoy!

Calypso (8) – Raspoutine

Galerie Raspoutine is well known among fans of Cosey for its special editions, prints and ex-librises.

For the release of Calypso, Raspoutine and Cosey made this print – a two-colour print (black and a soft beige colour background), 120 copies, numbered & signed. At the same time, Raspoutine will publish a print of a drawing of Les Diablérets/Col du Pilon.

More information on the website of Raspoutine.

Exposition in Lausanne

At this moment, and until 21 october, you can visit a Cosey Exposition at the Galerie Catherine Niederhauser in Lausanne. 14 october, Cosey himself will be present to sign the new album, Calypso.

More information on the website of the Galartis. I don’t know how long the information on the site will be available, but the page dedicated to the Cosey exposition is worth a visit!

Calypso (7) – Virtual exposition

Since 2008, ‘The World of Cosey’, in cooperation with Cosey, had a preview of each new album, in so-called ‘virtual expositions’. With Calypso, it was a bit challenging because Le Monde prepublished no less than 55 pages of Calypso in july. However, Cosey sent me some pictures of Calypso’s black and white images that allow us to look at the originals in shades of gray. Click here to visit the exposition. Enjoy!

Thanks to Cosey

Regard Bouddhiste

In the September 2017 issue of the french magazine ‘Regard Bouddhiste’, you will find an interview with Cosey.

The interview doesn’t focus so much on Buddhism in the works of Cosey itself, but it does focus on the issue of ‘creativity’: the moment of inspiration and surprise and how to invent a story. Even if Cosey has talked much about his way of working in earlier interviews, this one certainly sheds new light on his thoughts.

The website of ‘Regard Bouddhiste’: click here.


La Montagne & Alpinisme

In the autumn issue (nr 269-3/2017) of the magazine ‘La Montagne & Alpinisme’, you can read an interview with Cosey, title ‘Au-delà des frontières’ (which can be translated more or less as ‘Across borders’).

It is a portrait, following Cosey’s career from its early beginnings, working for an advertsing company, his apprenticeship with Derib, the Jonathan albums, ‘Bouddha d ‘Azur’ until ‘Calypso’… Cosey speaks about his love for mountains and his travels to Tibet. He explains why drawing mountains is so fascinating – shapes and forms that are abstract and figurative art at the same time.

For experts on Cosey, the interview doesn’t contain much news – if you are interested in the man behind the comics, it is a good read.

Visit the site of La Montagne & Alpinisme.

Thanks to Philippe Regottaz

Calypso (4) – Le Monde

On 27 july, Le Monde published no less than 55 pages of ‘Calypso’, the new album of Cosey that will appear in bookstores on 12 october. The tiny image above is probably the album cover, but I could’t find confirmation of this on the Futuropolis webiste or online bookstores. Personally, I hate to read pre-publications and I only took a quick look: it looks marvelous!

You can read the first 55 pages of Calypso on the website of Le Monde: click here.

Calypso (3) – Le Monde pre-publishes parts of Calypso

French newspaper Le Monde will pre-publish large parts of the new Cosey album Calypso. This summer, Le Monde runs a series of five pre-publications of comics by well-known comic artists like Zep and Taniguchi. On 27 july, you can find several pages of the new story in the paper.

For those of you who have patience or who want the complete story at once: the album will appear in october.

Link to the site of Le Monde.

Thanks to Claude Stern & Bernard Matthey-Doret

Calypso (2) – First summary

The website is the first one with a introduction/summary of Calypso, that will appear this october. Personally, I don’t like to read summaries before reading the book itself, and that is why I only post this image of the website with a text that is difficult to read.

If you are too curious and want to read the summary, go to this website.

Thanks to Dinu Logoz