Calypso – first summary

The website is the first one with a introduction/summary of Calypso, that will appear this october. Personally, I don’t like to read summaries before reading the book itself, and that is why I only post this image of the website with a text that is difficult to read.

If you are too curious and want to read the summary, go to this website.

Thanks to Dinu Logoz

Le Petit Larousse illustré

Every year since 1905, a new edition of the famous french encyclopedic dictionary ‘Le Petit Larousse’ is published. 21 June, the 2018 edition will be in the bookstores. Larousse announces some 150 new words, and 50 new entries of personalities, like the new french president Emmanuel Macron.

One of the personalities to be introduced in this 2018 editions is… Cosey.  As yet, I don’t know if he is listed under his artist name or under his real name Cosendai.

Winning the Grand Prix of Angoulême is one thing, making it to the de Larousse is quite another kind of canonisation…

Thanks to Bernard Matthey-Doret



If you visit Switzerland this summer, you could go to the Place du 1er août in Lancy. There, you see this mural, based on the iconic cover of  ‘À la recherche de Peter Pan’.

A picture made during the official unveiling, yesterday. Right in the middle you can see Cosey. This photo gives a good impression of the huge size of the mural.

Looking for more pictures of the mural, I found this one of the ‘Work in progress’ of the mural.

Jonathan Intégrale 15-16

This is the cover of the 6th Jonathan Intégrale, containing the volumes 15 (Atsuko) and 16 (Celle qui fut). It is somewhat different from the dummy cover I posted a few months ago. The album will be in shops in june.


‘Calypso’ is the title of Cosey’s new album that will appear this autumn. The album will be black-and-white, a première for Cosey, and it will published by Futuropolis.

Amazon France announces the album for 12 october 2017, a date that seems ‘not impossible’, according to Cosey himself.

Thanks to Dinu Logoz

Mickey to Scandinavia


Good news for our Scandinavian friends: the Mickey album will appear in danish and swedish, both titled ‘En mystisk melodi’ (the cover above is the danish one, below the swedish cover). The Danish edition will be published by Egmont publishers. I am not sure if the album is already available in bookstores.

Thanks to Thomas Geertz

Cosey in Croatia

I like all publishers who put Cosey’s works on to market, but there are publishers I like even better. I was contacted last week by Marko Šunjić, founder of the Croatian publisher Fibra. He has been publishing several albums of Cosey since 2010, all of which I had missed in my overview of translations. A look at the Fibra website told me that the Croatian publisher had a very nice catalogue of comics, and not at all the most obvious choices, from a commercial point of view.

It appeared that Marko was a real comics fan. He works as a software developer and he is a publisher of his beloved comics after his ‘normal’ work hours.

To show you his love for nice books, take a look at the picture below, showing images from ‘U potrazi za Petrom Panom’… and for once, don’t look at the drawings, but at the texts. Marko made a special font type of Cosey’s handwriting, just to get the perfect look and feel (I remember the awful, ugly lettering of the older dutch albums). When Cosey saw it, he wanted his publishers to buy the font type for all his translated albums. It was given by Marko for free.

Let’s hope the Croatian market for comics will reward this publisher. In may, another Cosey album will be published in Croatia, ‘Orchidea’.

Angoulême (3)

Another day in Angoulême. Top left: Glénat shows their pride during their press conference – note that Tebo’s Mickey album won the Prix de la Jeunesse (for best youth’s comic), also published by Glénat. Top right: the Grand Prix winner during one of his many media appearances. Bottom: apparently, Cosey’s Mickey albums are selling well at the Glénat stand.

All images taken from Twitter

Angouleme (2)

Pictures of the Lombard stand in Angoulême, yesterday. Top: albums of the Grand Prix winners 2016 (Hermann) and 2017. Bottom left: quick sticker action of Lombard. Bottom right: a cartoon of Lombard’s live cartoonist Clarke – the first balloon tells the story: ‘Impossible! When did you print these albums? He has only been elected yesterday!’

All images are taken from Lombard Twitter messages

Congratulations, Mr. Cosey!

A few minutes ago, I got the news that Cosey has won the Grand Prix d’Angoulême 2017. Congratulations, Bernard!

From a quickly released interview on ‘20 minutes‘ (by Olivier Mimran), I translate some quotes from Cosey.

‘For years, friends tell me ‘this time, it will be you’. I believed it for a long time, but it didn’t happen so I stopped thinking about it. Also, I was convinced I had no chance this year , especially with top artists like Ware and Larcenet – so I wasn’t prepared for it and I continued to work in my corner.’

‘It gives confidence, because, as a comic artist, you are alone most of the time. So, you often doubt about the quality of your work. No, they tell me that I have been wrong to doubt.’

A special web page of the Festival d’Angoulême, dedicated to the Grand Prix winner: click here.

The official report of the Festival d’Angoulême, announcing the winner: download here (PDF).

Interview with Cosey on YouTube: click here.


Jonathan Intégrale 6

Lombard announces volume 6 of the Jonathan Intégale, containing the labums ‘Atsuko’ and ‘Celle qui fut’. I found this cover on the internet (the website of FNAC), but it looks atypically unfinished for the Intégrales albums, so maybe this is just a preliminary design. The album will appear in june.

Cosey in top 3 for Angoulême

From 26 to 29 january, the 44th Festival International de la Bande Dessinée will take place in Angoulême. Each year, an artist is awarded the Grand Prix. Since a few years, comic artists (everyone whose work is published in french) themselves can vote for their favourite colleague. This year, the election is in two rounds, and the results of the first round have been presented: three comic makers can still ‘win’ the Grand Prix. The three are Manu Larcenet (France), Chris Ware (USA) and… Cosey (Switzerland).

The second election round will be held from 18 to 22 january, and the final results will be announced on 25 january at 18:00 o’clock, during the opening ceremony of the Festival.

Thanks to Cuno Affolter

Pic & Bulle

An exposition we have missed so far is ‘Pic & Bulle’ in the ‘Musée de l’Ancien Évêché’ in Grenoble (France). It is an expostion about mountains in comics (open until 30 april 2017), with original pages from ‘À la recherche de Peter Pan’. On the website of the museum, you can find more information and some videos about the exposition and you can buy a catalogue of the expo.

Thanks to Bernard Matthey-Doret