Congratulations, Mr. Cosey: another Grand Prix…

Cosey has been awarded the Grand Prix 2018 of the ‘Fondation Vaudoise pour la Culture’. This foundation was created in 1987 to honor people from the cultural world in the swiss canton of the Vaud, who enrich the country with strong and innovative art. The prize brings an amount of 100.000 swiss francs (around 90.000 euros), meant to give winners the opportunity to work for a period without financial worries.

You can read the eulogy on the website of the Fondation: click here. It is a little too poetic for my translation skills… On the same page, you can also read a short biography and an overview of ‘distinctions’, or major prizes and award Cosey has received over the years (I would add at least the Prix Diagonal to it).

The beautiful photo going with the article on Fondation’s site , was made by Amélie Blanc et Noura Gauper.


New project

Cosey is currently working on a new project: a story about Minnie Mouse. If all goes well, the album will be published by Glénat in the autumn of 2019.

In interviews after the publication of ‘Une mystérieuse mélodie’ and ‘Calypso’, Cosey has often mentioned he had a second scenario for a Mickey story. At the time, it was still unsure if authors were allowed to make a second story in Glénat’s Mickey-albums. Apparently, Cosey has got a ‘go’ for the project.

Portugal: Calipso

Recently, a portuguese translation of ‘Calypso’ has been published by Levoir – portuguese title is ‘Calipso’.

I like the advertisement of Levoir below: the way the mermaids swim into the dress.


A drawing of ‘shaka’, the Hawaiian greeting gesture that is popular among surfers. Cosey made it a few weeks ago for the R4tC (Ride for the Cause), a paddling sports event in Montreux – this year from 30 august till 2 september. The event is a fund rasing event for ‘WAVES for development’ and ‘Summit Foundation’.

Cahiers Aire Libre

This year, the famous Aire Libre collection of Dupuis celebrates its 30th anniversary. In a series of ‘Cahiers’ (I don’t know how many Cahiers will be published), Dupuis looks back on this 30 years. In this first issue, interviews with artists around the central question ‘Why do you make comics?’

The Cahier has 88 pages with a soft cover. On the cover, a drawing by Cosey referring to his ‘Le Voyage en Italie’, the first album of the Aire Libre collection in 1988. This drawing was originally made for the 20th anniversary of Aire Libre. The interview with Cosey is based on a round table discussion during the Festival de la BD in Angoulême in january this year.

More information on the site of Dupuis.

Thanks to Philippe Regottaz


The swiss Château de Sint Maurice hosts an exposition (until 11 november 2018) about Petzi, a famous childrens book character. The first Petzi stories were created in 1951 by danish authors Carla Hansen and Vilhelm Hansen. Since 2016, a swiss publisher is publishing the stories again in their original form for the french speaking market.

Some 25 swiss artists, among them Cosey, made a hommage to the little bear.

More information on the website of the Château: click here.

Thanks to Bernard Matthey-Doret

Easter egg mosaic

During the Easter weekend, a giant mosaic in Easter eggs were made by volunteers in Ouchy. People could buy an egg, and so money is collected for the ARFEC, ‘Association Romande des Familles d’Enfants atteints d’un Cancer’ (Association of Romandy Families of Children affected by Cancer).

The eggs were placed in packages of 30 eggs, in 34 columns and 39 lines… a stunning 39.780 eggs. Sold for 1 CHF each and add to this other income from visitors and sponsors and more than 50.000 CHF were raised for ARFEC.

One of the volunteers was Bernard Matthey-Doret, and he sent me this ‘work document’, showing the grid of eggs.



Wine bottles with special labels.

Cosey present during the works.

More information and interesting pictures of the work in progress: visit this Facebook-page.

Thanks to Bernard Matthey-Doret

‘À la recherche de Peter Pan’: project on hold

A few weeks ago I announced the publication of a black & white edition of ‘À la recherche de Peter Pan’ by Éditions Niffle. Unfortunately, the project is put on hold.

The original planning for the release of the album was the end of january, but now the book release is postponed to an unknown date. Publisher Éditions Niffle let me know that the design for the book is ready, but other factors determine the delay.

My guess is that there have been several novelties recently (Calypso in october, the Angoulême catalogue in january, the bi-colour edition of ‘Le Voyage en Italie’ also in january) and that the delay is decided for marketing reasons.  Hopefully the album will be published later.


Cosey in eggs

Every year, the swiss ARFEC organisation organises an Easter fund raising. ARFEC is the ‘Association Romande des Familles d’Enfants atteints d’un Cancer’ (Association of Romandy Families of Children affected by Cancer).

The goal of the action is to make a giant mosaic of easter eggs, for which Cosey made the design this year. People can buy eggs and volunteers build up the mosaic. The money collected by the egg sales goes to the ARFEC organisation. The mosaic will be built between 29 March and 1 April in Ouchy. I am curious to see the result!

More information: click here.

Thanks to Bernard Matthey-Doret

Aire Libre 30 years

30 Years ago, the ‘Aire Libre’ collection of Dupuis was born. Jean van Hamme and Philippe Vandooren were the Dupuis directors who started the collection. First album in the collection: ‘le Voyage en Italie’ by Cosey. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Dupuis published this catalogue… unfortunately only available to realtions of Dupuis. It contains 200 pages with all album covers of the entire collection.

You can see a web version of the catalogue on the website of Dupuis.

Thanks to Luc Vinois

Paris Match

A drawing for the magazine Paris Match. It was found on the magazine’s website, I am not sure the picture was printed in the actual magazine.

Thanks to Bernard Matthey-Doret

Casemate 111

In Casemate 11 (february 2018), you can read a long interview with Cosey. The cover shows how bad graphic design can destroy the great Angoulême poster – it hurts to the eyes.

You can order the magazine via this website.

Thanks to Dinu Logoz

Special edition ‘À la recherche de Peter Pan’

Another special edition: ‘À la recherche de Peter Pan’, published by Niffle.

It is the complete story in black and white, on a large format (27 x 34 cm). Originally announced for 26 january (just in time for the FIBD in Angoulême), it has been delayed to 16 february.

This is the second black and white edition of ‘À la recherche de Peter Pan’, after the one published by Raspoutine. This is a more affordable edition, but it lacks the luxurious extras of that album, of course.

Le Voyage en Italie – anniversary edition

In Angoulême, I discovered a special edition of ‘Le Voyage en Italie’.

‘Les Éditions Black and White’ had published a luxurious anniversary edition of the album, celebrating its 30th birthday. This publisher, based in Strassbourg, is a specialist in special, luxurious editions, and they have done a great job.

It is an album on a large format (30 x 40 cm), with the story printed in bichromie (two colours), blue and orange. It is not just a transposition of the original album in these two colours, but an entirely reworked and revised edition. It took a full nine months of hard work, supervised by Cosey. The result is a fascinating new look. I especially like the night scenes.

The album is signed, numbered (there are only 225 copies) and it includes a silk screen print.

You can find the publisher on Facebook.

Thanks to Bernard Matthey-Doret – Pictures are borrowed from the publisher’s Facebook-page