Journal Tintin – 1964

Last week, I got my copy of ‘Tintin – Numéro Spéciale 77 ans’, for which Cosey made the story ‘Retour’ (3 pages).

I will come back to that story later, because I discovered this cover of the ‘Journal Tintin’, for the last issue of 1964 (both Belgian and French edition), which is also shown in the ‘Numéro Special’. It was drawn by Dino Attanasio.

All Cosey-admirers will immediately think of this legendary cover, drawn by Cosey in 1983. I think Cosey would have liked to have his cover as clean as Attanasio’s!

Cosey’s reaction to this discovery: “Super cover by Attanasio! I didn’t know it – or maybe I forgot? It shows that you never invent anything, there is always a precedent!”