Other works 1986 – 1990


Journal Tintin: publication of ‘La rencontre’ (meeting between Jonathan and Tintin – 2 pages) no 580

Pétition, à la recherche d’Oesterheld et de tant d’autres Amnesty International Belgique

L’aventure du journal Tintin – 40 ans de bandes dessinées Lombard

Ex-libris Greyshore Island 200 ex. numbered and signed Schlirf Book

Catalogue and poster for ‘L’Atelier du voyage’ (10 illustrations)

Poster, sticker, catalogue cover and postcard for the 8th Festival d’Hyeres 2000 ex.


Journal Tintin no 601: poster Jonathan

Publication of Le Voyage en Italie’ in the magazine ‘Voir’

Silk screen print & offset poster for Cigarettes Sélect Agency Imagne

B.D. Image n° 32 – A la recherche de Peter Pan part one (poster)

A la recherche de Peter Pan, posters: young girl, skier, 3 main characters Lombard

Silk screen prints ‘A la recherche de Peter Pan’: ‘Skieur’ and ‘Le grenier’
120 ex. numbered and signed
Librairie Espace BD

Birth announcement of Jonathan (Verviers) by Corentin (does also exist in black & white 1989, Montpellier)

poster ‘Calendrier des Activités Agricoles au Tibet’ black & white
Ecole Tiers-Monde

Dossier Pédagogique
Jonathan: Le berceau du Bodhisattva et L’espace bleu entre les nuages
Unicef/Ecole Tiers-Monde

Page (august) in the calendar Citroën (Belgium); Jonathan and Kate are shown (Jonathan standing with backpack; Kate sitting on a bag) in front of a drawing of a car. The car has not been drawn by Cosey.

Loterie Romande (1 ticket – cyclist)

Interview: ‘Cosey à la Recherche de l’Italie’ (7 pages, by Thierry Groensteen)
Les Cahiers de la bande dessinée no 76, Glénat


Publication of Jonathan 7 ‘Kate’ in the magazine ‘I love English’ no 15 + cover no 16 + cover no 17 + cover Bayard Presse

Loterie Romande (1 ticket – skier)

Ex libris ‘Italian Newspaper’ Ex-libris for ‘Voyage en Italie’; 200 ex., numbered & signed
Published by Galerie-Club La Marge (Lausanne)

Set of 8 postcards and a poster
L’Hebdo – No. 51 – 22 december 1988

B.D. Image n° 39 – Kate (poster) – not 100% if this is the right picture

Invitation for exposition in Espace BD

Le voyage en Italie (ex-libris ‘La Marge’) 200 ex. numbered and signed

Le voyage en Italie, marque page ‘Le Cycliste’ 150 + 50 ex. numbered and signed

box (‘coffret’) ‘Le voyage en Italie’ 150 ex. + 50 out of market

Posters: ‘Kate, Jonathan and bird’, ‘Kate, Jonathan with car’ P&T Productions

Silk screen print Kate Lombard

Cahiers de la BD no 82 Interview (18 pages, by G. Ciment and V. Amiel)

‘Cosey’ – book by Dinu Logoz in German (128 pages) Comic Forum, Vienna


Page in the calendar Citroën (Belgium)

Les cahiers de la BD (Glénat) – n° 84 de mars 1989.

Ex libris ‘Young reading girl’
Librairie Espace BD


Wine label: ‘Mémoire du temps, la Suisse rêve de l’Europe’ La Nerthe, Châteauneuf-du-Pape


Orchidea (poster of part of page 54) Dupuis

Silk screen print Orchidea: observatorium La Marque Jaune

Silk screen print Orchidea: Rosita with car

Guillaume Tell revient
Editions Marignac, Papiers Gras et Saint-Gervais

Pin designed by Cosey

L’espace bleu entre les nuages + Downtown 700 ex. numbered and signed + 2 out of market Phigi Jonas