Other works 2016 – 2020



Ex libris for Raspoutine (Lausanne)


Playing card/Ex lbris for BD Net


Ex libris published by Glénat


Ex libris for the bookstores ‘Decitre’

Contribution to the ‘Portfolio de Noël’ (Christmas Portfolio) of Galerie/Librairie Raspoutine.

Poster and catalogue cover for the exposition ‘Pic & Bulle’ in the ‘Musée de l’Ancien Évêché’ in Grenoble (France).

Lithographie, made during the Festival BD in Solliès
22 ex. were printed


4 february 2017: contribution to the last issue of L’Hebdo

Mural painting; Place du 1er août in Lancy

Interview in (nr 269-3/2017) of the magazine ‘La Montagne & Alpinisme’

Interview in september 2017 issue of ‘Regard Bouddhiste’

Interview in Casemate 107 (october 2017)

Two colour print ‘Calypso’, 120 copies, numbered and signed
Published by Raspoutine (Lausanne)

Invitation for exposition and meeting with Cosey at Librairie Gallimard in Paris.

Poster for Calypso

CD cover and book ‘Ô bel été!’, traditional songs sung by Marc Aymon

Bédéphile; 50 artists were asked to make art, inspired by Steinlen’s ‘Chat Noir’. Cosey preferred to draw… dogs.

Thanks to Luc Vinois

Interview in dBD #119, december 2017/january 2018

Poster for the Festival International de la BD d’Angoulême 2018


Catalaogue ‘Cosey – une quête de l’épure’
The book is a catalogue going with the exposition in Angoulême 2018

Card published by Le Lombard. On the inside of the card you see an origami instruction.

Interview with Zoo le Magazine 64 – spécial Angoulême 2018

Drawing for the website of Paris Match (january 2018) – it is unknown if the image was printed in the actual magazine.

Interview in Casemate 111 (february 2018)

Aire Libre catalogue to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Illustration for Easter Mosaïque in Ouchy (Switzerland), the illustration was made with coloured eggs.

Below: the work sheet for the people who made the mosaïque.

Thanks to Bernard Matthey Doret

Postcard with images from ‘Le Voyage en Italie’; on the occasion of the exposition ‘Roman Graphique’ at the Fondation Jan Michalski in Montricher (3 november 2018 – 6 january 2019).

Thanks to Bernard Matthey Doret

Ticket/poster/etc for music festival in Les Diablérets
(The image was re-used for the 50th festival.

Poster (A2) to celebrate issue number 50 of the magazine Transhelvetica


Book cover illustration for a collective album with comics about Lausanne. The book is offered to all Lausanne citizens on their 18th birthday.

Catalogue celebrating comic bookstore Raspoutine’s 30th birthday – the book contains a few drawings by Cosey. Some editions go with ex-librises, among them one by Cosey.

Several illustrations for watch company Zenith, to celebrate the 50th birthday of their automatic chronograph ‘El Primero’. Look here for the full story.

Silk screen print; published by Raspoutine
99 ex.


Poster for exposition at Galerie Barbier
4 september – 3 october 2020

A4 print of an image taken from ‘À la rechereche de Peter Pan’, published by Le Lombard, presumably for clients and relations

Bild & Bubbla (Swedish magazine); interview with Cosey