Derib 80

Poster of the expo at Séries Rares – drawing by Exem.

This year, Derib (Claude de Ribeaupierre) celebrates his 80th birthday. As you will know, Derib took the young Cosey under his wings to teach him the works of a comics artist. To celebrate this 80th birthday, the association ‘Carouge fête la BD’ (Carouge is a town near Genève) organises several events this year – you can find all events on this website.

One of the events is the exposition ‘Autour de Derib’ at the gallery Séries Rares in Carouge. In this exposition, you will see original drawings by Derib, of course, but also some 40 to 50 hommages by other artists. One of them is Cosey and this is drawing, called ‘Les trois Totems’ (sometimes called ‘Les deux Totems’).

The exposition started in February and can be visited until 16 March. You can read more information and take a look at all the drawings (there is one more by Cosey) on the website of the gallery.

Another event in the celebrations is an evening with Derib and Cosey in the public library of Carouge, titled ‘Derib et Cosey, une amitié dessinée’. Derib and Cosey will be interviewed by Derib’s son Arnaud.

Whem: 14 March, 20-22.00. Access is free – for more information, click here.

Thanks to Olivier Bézy