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The Jonathan albums are also well known because Cosey gives a listening advice to his readers. Her is an overview of his musical recommendations.

In October 2021, when the 17th Jonathan album came out, Le Lombard made a playlist on Youtube. A great idea! You can find it here.

Jonathan 1: Souviens-toi, Jonathan…

  • Pink Floyd: Obscured by Clouds
  • Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells
  • Shankar Family & Friends

Jonathan 2: Et la montagne chantera pour toi

  • Mike Oldfield: Hergest Ridge
  • Tangerine Dream: Phaedra
  • Popular and holy music of Tibet (not specified)

Jonathan 3: Pieds nus sous les rhododendrons

  • Mike Oldfield: Ommadawn
  • Holy Tibetan music (not specified)
  • Tangerine Dream: Rubycon

Jonathan 4: Le berceau du Bodhisattva

  • Mike Oldfield: Incantations

Jonathan 5: L’espace bleu entre les nuages

  • Beethoven: Concerto no. 3 for piano in Ut-minor, opus 37
  • Chopin: Concerto no. 2 for piano in Fa minor, opus 21

Jonathan 6: Douniacha, il y a longtemps…

  • Keith Jarrett: Arbour Zena

Jonathan 7: Kate

  • Oregon: Out of the Woods
  • Kate Bush: The Kick Inside
  • Bob Dylan: The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

Jonathan 8: Le Privilège du Serpent

  • Brian Eno: Ambient I
  • Keith Jarrett: Sacred Hymns of G.I. Gurdjieff
  • Respighi: The Birds

Jonathan 9: Neal et Sylvester

  • Mike Oldfield: Q.E. 2
  • Terje Rypdal: After the Rain

Jonathan 10: Oncle Howard est de retour

  • Pat Metheny Group: American Garage
  • Eric Clapton: 461, Ocean Boulevard 

Jonathan 11: Greyshore Island

  • Chicago: Hot Streets
  • Dave Grusin & Lee Ritensour: Harlequin
  • Neil Young: Old Ways

Jonathan 12: Celui qui mène les fleuves à la mer

  • Shartse Monks: Sacred Healing Chants of Tibet
  • ‘… and all works mentioned in the story’, which are:
    • Popular songs of Tingri (Tibet)
    • B. Bacharach & H. David: Anyone who had a heart (as sung by Dionne Warwick)
    • Bob Dylan: Tambourine Man
    • The Rolling Stones: She’s a rainbow
    • Leonard Cohen: Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye
    • The Beatles: Across the universe
    • Mozart: Andantino du concerto for flute, harp and orchestra
    • VI Dalai Lama: Love songs
    • in the album, excerpts of mao’s Red Book are sung

Jonathan 13: La Saveur du Songrong

  • Yungchen Lhamo: Tibet, Tibet
  • Ling Ling Yu: Tian E
  • The Kinks: Days                   

Jonathan 14: ELLE ou Dix Mille Lucioles

  • Air: Photograph
  • Midnight Oil: Mountains of Burma
  • Toru Takemitsu: Say Sea, Take Me!

Jonathan 15: Atsuko

  • Hybrid Leisureland: Scroll Slide         
  • Air: Alone in Kyoto
  • Tani Tanaka: Evening snow

Jonathan 16: Celle qui fut

  • Kishori Amonkar: Koi Kahiyo Re Prabhu Awan Ki
  • John Cage: Dream
  • Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong: April in Paris

Jonathan 17: La Piste de Yéshé

  • Dionne Warwick: Trains and Boats and Planes
  • Arvo Pärt: Silouans Son
  • Brian Eno: Reflection 1
  • The Moody Blues: Om