Other works 1981 – 1985


Journal Tintin: publication of Jonathan 8: Le privilège du serpent no 306 to 313


Journal Tintin: publication of story ‘Canotage’ (Quick et Flupke – 1 page) no 316




Journal Tintin: publication of ‘Joyeux Noël, Vieux Frère!’


Participation in ‘Super Tintin no 15 – Indiens’ – ‘Heyoka’ (3 pages)


Comixene, july 1981

A Suivre, hors série: John Lennon: ‘Imagine’ (2 pages)


A Spanish curiosity: two Jonathan stories (Pieds nus & Le berceau) Published by Distrinovel

Poster for an exposition at Galerie Librairie La Marge


Journal Tintin: publication of Jonathan 9: Neal et Sylvester no 369 to 376

Journal Tintin: publication of ‘Bon anniversaire, Buddy!’ (1 page) no 334


Participation in ‘Super Tintin – no 17’: ‘Jouez avec jonathan’ (2 pages)

Journal Tintin no 381: illustration for calendar


1970-1980 (a portfolio with 60 pages) 1050 ex. numbered and signed; 50 ex. with original drawing and 950 with offset print Published by Ludovic Trihan.

The unsold items were later republished by Kesselring/La Marge, with the title ‘Effets Secondaires’

Cover ‘Oasis Interdites’ by Ella Maillard Editions 24 Heures, Lausanne

Caravane tibétaine (silk screen print) 290 ex. Magic Strip

interview with Cosey (3 pages): Dommage no 5


Silkscreen print ‘Mountains’ Printed 290 ex.



Journal Tintin: publication of ‘A la recherche de Peter Pan’ French ediiton: no 404 to 407 – cover 404 + illustration & introduction text; no 410; no 413; no 416

Journal Tintin no 399 (French edition): illustration for ’30 years Chick Bill’

Jonathan – Neal et Sylvester 1750 ex. numbered and signed Lombard

Les amis de Buddy Longway (collective album) Lombard

Thanks to Olivier Bézy

Baston 5, la ballade des baffes (collection des pastiches de Gaston) SEDLI
Jacky Goupil éditeur

Thanks to Olivier Bézy

cover ‘Gros plan sur le Bangladesh’ Editions I3M et Mag du Monde

interview with Cosey: Champagne no 7-8 (8 pages, by JP Sculatti)


‘A propos de Cosey’ Lombard



Journal Tintin: publication of ‘A la recherche de Peter Pan’ French edition: no 459; no 462; no 465; no 468 + cover + poster with three characters; no 473; no 474

Journal Tintin: publication of ‘La fête à Cosey’ (2 pages)


Dessine-moi un droit de l’homme – contribution to a collective album Les éditions de l’E.I.P


Fendant de Sierre – A la recherche de Peter Pan (wine label)

A la recherche de Peter Pan, cover part 1 (silk screen print) 140 ex. La Marque Jaune

A la recherche de Peter Pan, page 7 – offset print Le Courseur


A la recherche de Peter Pan, 3 main characters offset poster

Kate, Jonathan and bird (poster) BD Image


Journal Tintin: publication of ‘Les aventures Mystérieuses et rocambolesques de l’Agent Spatial’ (1 page) no 513

Participation in ‘Super Tintin – no 30 – Jeunesse’: ‘Barrage au Canada’ (an old adventure of Monfreyd & Tilbury on scenario of A.P. Duchâteau) Lombard


Poster to announce ‘À la recherche de Peter Pan’ Part 2 Lombard

Set of 6 postcards Jonathan P. et T. Productions

B.D. Image no 12 – Jonathan (poster)

B.D. Image no 18 – A la recherche de Peter Pan part 2 (poster)


Jaquettes Greyshore Island 250 ex. + 50 out of market Librairie Le Marsupilami (Liège)

Invitation Expo and poster 14 february – 6 march 1985 Galerie La Marge


Offset poster – ‘La lecture de bandes dessinées’ (after Henri Matisse) Galerie La Marge

offset poster Tibetan Village Lombard