Panorama at Papiers Gras

Yesterday evening, the exposition ‘Panorama’ at Papiers Gras in Genève was opened… and we had reporter Olivier Bézy at the gallery! He made some pictures that give an impression of the exposition. Above, Cosey himself.

A magnificent collection of drawings – it may be too costly for me to have a wall like this at home. At the bottom row you see several drawings that have been used for stamps.

I love to see these kind of combinations: on the right the original drawing for the cover of the intégrale of ‘Le Bouddha d’Azur’, on the left the original coloured page with the black & white drawing on film.

A few more pictures, to give an impression of the exposition in Genève. You can see around 100 pieces at Papiers Gras, the expo ends 23 March.

The address:
Papiers Gras
1, place de l’Île
1204 Genève

More info: visit the website of Papiers Gras.

Thanks to Olivier Bézy