Léon Missile

We all know the street art of Banksy, but since twelve years, Lausanne and other Swiss streets are embellished by another, less known ‘pirate artist’: Léon Missile (not his real name – the artist is represented by Eric Martinet).

Léon Missile makes use of commercial posters in the city, glues a white sheet over them and makes his paintings. He picks out the uglier posters: he will not paint over a museum poster, he told the newspaper ‘24 heures‘ a few years ago.

At this moment, you can see a 44 meters long homage to the Jonathan series along the Avenue d’Enchallens in Lausanne – one painting for every album. Because of the ‘illegal’ character of the works, it is impossible to know how long they will be visible. I hope they will stay there for a while!