Editions Daniel Maghen
ISBN: 978-2-9523826-4-9
Format: 22 x 29,7 cm
232 pages

Echo is a mixture of autobiography and sketchbook: we get an overview of drawings and sketches from Cosey’s earliest years until 2007, plus some short biographical notes.

Cosey speaks closely to us when he comments on his drawings, his ‘philosophy on comics’ (the emphasis on reality: reality of characters, reality of the setting and scenery, his fascination for daily life). Travel sketches allow us to see the sources for some of the backgrounds of his stories.

Many drawings of the lesser known work of Cosey are reprinted in this book, as well as some completely unknown works. Especially amusing are early drawings he made when he was an apprentice of Derib: drawings of Gaston (Guust), Gil Jourdan (Guus Slim), etc.

As the title of the book suggests, these sketches and drawings will ‘echo’ Cosey’s albums. Our experience reading ‘Echo’ will be just in the opposite direction of Cosey’s – for whom his albums echo his earlier travels.

Needless to say, the book is a treasure. High quality printing, high quality paper, high quality binding…

What I missed is an insight in how Cosey’s documentation is ‘echoed’ in his albums: I missed examples of his documentation photographs, on site sketches, papers, clippings or objects he used as a documentary basis for his stories. I missed it just because it is such an essential element of Cosey’s work.


The special ‘Tirage de tête’ consists of a box with the nine chapters, plus one additional chapter, in separate ‘cahiers’ plus one additional chapter. 250 copies were made.