Cosey in Croatia

I like all publishers who put Cosey’s works on to market, but there are publishers I like even better. I was contacted last week by Marko Šunjić, founder of the Croatian publisher Fibra. He has been publishing several albums of Cosey since 2010, all of which I had missed in my overview of translations. A look at the Fibra website told me that the Croatian publisher had a very nice catalogue of comics, and not at all the most obvious choices, from a commercial point of view.

It appeared that Marko was a real comics fan. He works as a software developer and he is a publisher of his beloved comics after his ‘normal’ work hours.

To show you his love for nice books, take a look at the picture below, showing images from ‘U potrazi za Petrom Panom’… and for once, don’t look at the drawings, but at the texts. Marko made a special font type of Cosey’s handwriting, just to get the perfect look and feel (I remember the awful, ugly lettering of the older dutch albums). When Cosey saw it, he wanted his publishers to buy the font type for all his translated albums. It was given by Marko for free.

Let’s hope the Croatian market for comics will reward this publisher. In may, another Cosey album will be published in Croatia, ‘Orchidea’.