Cosey’s new album

The new album by Cosey has been announced in various french online-bookstores. AS you might know, the labum will be another Disney album, about Minnie. The title: ‘Minnie et le secret de Tante Miranda’ (‘Minnie and the secret of Aunt Miranda’). The album will be published on 6 november 2019. It will have 72 pages.

In the aanouncements, we can also read a little bit more about the story. Interestingly, Cosey revisits the Himalayas in this Minnie-story.

The story is about Minnie, who receives a letter of her Aunt Miranda. This aunt has spent many years in the Himalayas, proving the existence of Big Foot or yeti. The aunt writes that she is retiring under the warm sun of Mexico. The summary doesn’t make clear how or why, but Minnie leaves for the Himalayas, where she will be on the tracks of Big Foot…

Thanks to Dinu Logoz