Jonathan Intégrale 17 (2)

Nelly Rieuf Bista
© Cosey/LeLombard, 2022

The ‘Jonathan Intégrale – tome 17’ will contain only one episode of the Jonathan series, the finale volume 17 – La Piste de Yéshé. A dossier of some 40 pages will precede the Jonathan story.

The dossier is written by Nelly Rieuf Bista, a french woman who has been living in the Himalayas since she was 23 years old. She worked on art projects in Mustang (Nepal) and Ladakh (India), founding the Matho Monastery Museum. Among others, she works with teams of restauration artists to preserve mandalas and wall paintings – as you can see on the photo above. Not only has she been working on art projects: she also worked on a drink water system that works at the low temperatures in the high mountains.

Title of the dossier is ‘Vivre sur le toit du monde’ (‘Living on the roof of the world’).

The title page of the dossier
© Cosey/LeLombard, 2022

Thanka painter in Kathmandu (Nepal).
© Cosey/LeLombard, 2022

Thankas and mandalas were an inspiration for Cosey while working on Jonathan 17, where we see Jonathan assisting a thanka painter. It also was a inspiration for the magnificent cover of the Intégrale.

Sketch for the cover of the Intégrale
© Cosey/LeLombard, 2022

The dossier will be illustrated by photos taken by Cosey, and… of course, by many drawings – most of them preparatory sketches for Jonathan 17. Among them, we will see some cover designs for the album.

All pictures in this ‘news message’ are taken from the dossier of the ‘Jonathan Intégrale – tome 17’. Photos and drawings are made by Cosey.

The album will be in shops by 4 november 2022.

Thanks to Cosey