Just for fun: Jonathan Intégrales

2009_09_29a 2009_09_29b

You may be surprised, but the recent Jonathan Intégrale is not the first collection of Jonathan stories.

Below, you see two older collection albums. The World of Cosey – Antologia  The World of Cosey – Special deel 1   The first is a Spanish edition from 1981. It has two stories, ‘Pieds nus…’ and ‘Le berceau…’. These are the numbers 3 and 4 of the Jonathan series, so it is strange to see ‘Nos 1-2’ printed on the cover.

The second album is a dutch edition of 1991. The book collects three stories: ‘Le berceau…’, ‘Douniacha’ and ‘Greyshore Island’. These are the numbers 4, 6 and 11 of the series. The strangest thing is that ‘Greyshore Island’, volume two of Jonathans USA adventure, is printed without its volume one (‘Oncle Howard…’).

If you know more Jonathan Intégrales (French editions, perhaps?), please let me know!