La Montagne & Alpinisme

In the autumn issue (nr 269-3/2017) of the magazine ‘La Montagne & Alpinisme’, you can read an interview with Cosey, title ‘Au-delà des frontières’ (which can be translated more or less as ‘Across borders’).

It is a portrait, following Cosey’s career from its early beginnings, working for an advertsing company, his apprenticeship with Derib, the Jonathan albums, ‘Bouddha d ‘Azur’ until ‘Calypso’… Cosey speaks about his love for mountains and his travels to Tibet. He explains why drawing mountains is so fascinating – shapes and forms that are abstract and figurative art at the same time.

For experts on Cosey, the interview doesn’t contain much news – if you are interested in the man behind the comics, it is a good read.

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Thanks to Philippe Regottaz