La Planète Bleue

I must say I am not familiar with the radio broadcasts ‘La Planète Bleue’, But as I understand it, Yves Blanc is looking for the music that we will listen to in ten to a hundred years from now: new sounds, new technologies.

Cosey made drawings for a compilation cd (Volume 3, 2005) and for a book by Yves Blanc (Les Guetteurs du passé, 2010).

Recently, ‘Le Petit Livre Bleu’ was published by ‘L’âge d’Homme’. This book is not so ‘petit’ – 500 pages) – has been written by Yves Blanc. The description on the site of ‘La Planète Bleue‘ tells us is it a ‘cultural guide to the Planète Bleue’. It seems some kind of encyclopedic work about cinema, comics, literature, music, politics, etc.

The book contains illustrations by many artists, among whom Enki Bilal, Moebius, Caza, Auclair and Cosey.

Thanks to Philippe Regottaz