Messages from the Swiss Alps…

I have been writing to Cosey about the Intégrales, some of the information I want to share with you.

Cosey is very happy with the Intégrale. He loves the paper for the cover as well as the interior of the book. He is also very satisfied by the work of the graphic designers (Eric Laurin and Rebekah Paulovich-Boucly): ‘I am very content with the lay-out and graphic design of the dossiers. I am very demanding, and often disappointed… but with this work I am truly delighted.’

About the colour corrections made by Nicolas Cardeilhac: ‘The digital ‘reouches’ of the colours have been executed on my indications. The colour corrections will end with ‘Neal and Sylvester’ – the colours done by Freymond do not require any correction. And, according to me, I think my colour work after that is acceptable.’

The colour correction have only been applied to improve the regularity of the colour tones: ‘The colour correction consisted of fading away brush strokes, irregularities, stains and correcting the colours that are out of borders or lines (…). I did not want to change the hues of the colours themselves – I could as well have done all colours anew.’

The Intégrales will collect the albums strictly per 3 albums: 1-2-3, 4-5-6, etc. In this way, the stories 12 (Celui qui mène…) and 13 (Songrong), that can be considered as two parts of one story, will be separated. The fifth Intégrale will contain only two albums: 13 and 14. ‘This Intégrale will be enriched with an important dossier (double the size of the others) with more sketches, pencil drawings, unknown aquarels. (…) When Jonathan 15 will appear – which I wish, but for which I have not yet any idea – it will appear as an individual album. And you will have to await the albums 16 and 17 before they will be combined in a new Intégrale.’

Of course I asked Cosey about new albums. All he wanted to tell me is that he is working on a new project, to appear at the beginning of 2011.