New on ‘The World of Cosey’: NEWS!!

For some years I have collected all kinds of Cosey news: interviews, reviews, announcements by Lombard or Dupuis (or other publishers).

I took quotes from them for my Books section or for my Dossiers, and publications with new art work were collected in ‘Other Works’.

But from today, I will share them as soon as I can on a this NEWS page! I hope you will contribute to it, especially my Swiss readers – because from Holland Cosey works are easily missed.

To make a good start, I have listed some of the best interviews on the web on this page. Some of them are video, one dates from 1999. As you will probably know, sometimes information is lost on the web – I apologise for any of the links that don’t work (please let me know). This NEWS page really starts from 2009 – with three interesting publications already. I hope to add new information soon.

Roger Klaassen