‘Minnie Mouse – Le Secret de Tante Miranda’ is available in bookstores since last wednesday. As soon as I have read it, I will start making an article about it, of course. Until then, you can enjoy reading or listening to some interviews – all in french.

For the Cosey-fans that are not fluent in french, here are some highlights from the interviews:

  • Just as with the Mickey album, Cosey declares his love for Walt Disney’s works. Making the Mickey and Minnie albums was a dream come true.
  • Cosey came up with the idea for a Minnie album, because he discovered there didn’t exist an album with Minnie as the main star.
  • Cosey tells he enjoyed working on Minnie, and to play with her character – one side timid and cautious, the other side full of temperament.
  • Asked if he would like to make a Spirou album, Cosey says that he thinks Spirou is more defined by the drawing style of Franquin. He doesn’t see how he could make a Spirou that feels like Spirou.
  • And what about making a Tintin album? Cosey says the question is not asked because of the Hergé’s wish that other artists would not continue Tintin. But if he was asked, he would think about it.
  • Jonathan: Cosey tells that during a recent visit to Tibet, he maybe has got a little idea for a new Jonathan album. Who knows?

The interviews

You can read a nice interview by Alexis Seny on the site of Branchés Culture.

Cosey was a guest in the RT-France tv-show ‘Interdit d’interdire‘. He is one of four guests, but after short introductions of the guests, he is the first to be interviewed.

In the tv-show LCR of the Brussels BX1, Cosey is received by David Courier.