Raspoutine, 30 years young

Cosey-fans must be familiar with the name Raspoutine, I think. The comics bookstore in Lausanne, run by the enthusiastic and energetic Lorenzo Pioletti, celebrates its 30th birthday this year. In those 30 years, Raspoutine has published many ex-librises and a few special editions of Cosey’s albums.

To celebrate its 30 years, Raspoutine publishes a ‘catalogue’ of ex-librises. Well, a it is not a real catalogue in a sense that it is a complete overview of all ex-librises it has published over the years. I liked this picture by Cosey.

The catalogue goes – for some editions – with ex-librises. One of them is made by Cosey. Please check the website of Raspoutine to see how you can order it!

Happy birthday, Raspoutine!

Thanks to Bernard Matthey-Doret