Raspoutine – the end

Sad news from Lausanne: after 30 years, Galerie Librairie Raspoutine will close down. Another victim of online bookstores.

Raspoutine has for 30 years been a great promotor of swiss comic authors (and not only swiss, of course), among which Cosey. Raspoutine and Cosey published numerous ex-librises, special prints and luxurious albums, and organised expositions, book presentations and signing sessions.

The last print by Cosey/Raspoutine

Next Friday 13th (how symbolic) 2019, a special ‘Apéro d’Adieu’ will be the closing event for Raspoutine. Special prints will be published and an exposition of the work of to swiss comic giants, Cosey and Zep, can be seen.

We wish Lorenzo and his team good luck and thank them for 30 years of Raspoutine!

Thanks to Bernard Matthey-Doret and Dinu Logoz