The Lhahl statue


Some more news about the Lhahl Statue.

First about its maker, Max Gillespie. Max Gillespie studied art at Clermont Ferrand and from 2000 onwards he makes statues of comics characters. Among others he contributes to many statues of Michel Aroutcheff. Below you see an examples of an Aroutcheff statue of Tintin (Max sculpted the characters) and a statue of Atalante (comic character by Crisse).


Second: Lhahl herself. The statue will show two versions of Lhahl, a traditional and a modern version, sitting back to back in a lotus position. The traditional Lhahl in the album sits in the lotus position, although she is shown from a large distance (see page 54). The modern Lhahl is not shown in a lotus position in the album – but look at this image (used on a Christmas card for Raspoutine comics shop in Lausanne).