Calypso (9) – My article

Still two days to go for the release of Calypso, but I proudly present my article on the album.

I have focused my article on two aspects of the album: Calypso as Cosey’s first album in black-and-white and the cooperation with François Mattille.

I explore the black-and-white theme into some depth, based on old and new interviews. It is shown that Calypso is another step in the evolution of Cosey’s art towards greater simplicity and directness, an evolution that has been continuing for more than 40 years.

The initial idea for Calypso came from François Mattille. Having found some statements about Mattille’s help as a script doctor in a very old interview (1988!), I thought it was nice to remind us of these statements – with the hindsight we have now.

Click here to go to the article – enjoy!