Lausanne Imaginée

An original idea of the City of Lausanne: the city offers a book titled ‘Lausanne Imaginée’ to its young citizens who celebrate thier 18th birthday. In the album (approximately 100 pages), 24 artists tell their stories about Lausanne.

Cosey drew the beautiful cover for the album. The book contains stories by interesting artists like Peggy Adam, Anna Sommer, Tom Tirabosco, Pierre Wazem, edmond Baudoin and many others.

Photo: Marino Trotta/City of Lausanne

The album was presented during a ‘vernissage’ in Lausanne on 17 april 2019. On the picture you see Cosey with Mr. Grégoire Junod, Major of the City of Lausanne.

Thanks to Bernard Matthey-Doret and Cuno Affolter