Cosey Cheese?

In Bruno Marchand’s ‘Quelques pas vers la lumière, part 2: Le voyage improbable’, we see a small truck passing in the background (the scene is set in Lausanne). When we look a bit closer, we read ‘Fromages Cosey & Co’.

2009_04_qq_pas_image 2009_qq_pas_detail

From ‘Jonathan 9: Le Privilège du Serpent’ we already knew Cosey had some cheese makers expertise – we now know it is a real business!

Thanks to Dinu Logoz

Cosey the ‘Manga-artist’

In the magazine of ‘Bonviva’ (a magazine of the Swiss banking firm Crédit Suisse) Cosey is presented as a ‘Manga-artist’… Anyhow, a new strip (two pages originally, I think, but cut and spread over three pages in the magazine) by Cosey talks a little about manga.


For all people interested: Cosey is giving two lectures (together with Swiss connaisseur Cuno Affolter): in Geneva on 18 June, in Widen on 24 June.

Of course, I would appreciate a ‘report’ by any of the visitors!

Thanks to Dinu Logoz

Interview ‘ELLE ou Dix Milles Lucioles’


A very nice interview by Thierry Lemaire (blogger of ‘Voyage au centre de la BD’) with Cosey, on Jonathan 14. A shortened interview appeared in the magazine ‘Zoo’. On his site, Thierry publishes the entire interview! Click here!

Thanks to Thierry Lemaire

Music in the Alps


Cosey made the poster for a musical festival in Les Diablerets.

Thanks to Bernard Matthey-Doret



A nice little interview on Coolture. Click here!

Last check: april 2016 – the link doesn’t work anymore.


A walk with Cosey


A walk in the Swiss Alps with Cosey; a little tourist information on the region around Les Diablerets on the site of ’24 Heures’.

Click here!

Last check: april 2016 – the links doesn’t work anymore.


15 minutes with Cosey


An interview for Swiss tv show ‘Racines’ (‘Roots’). Very interesting! The video shows Cosey at work; Cosey at home; Cosey meeting Derib, Cosey meeting François Mattille. Click here!